Cody Shilling

Cody Shilling


J.D., St. Thomas University School of Law (2018)

Served as the staff editor on the Journal of Complex Litigation.

B.A. earned from Florida International University, Cum Laude (2015)

An integral part of the team, Cody came to BLPA from a robust consumer protection boutique and has found his home in the perfect place. Cody is versatile, pragmatic, direct and has a niche at navigating clients through the strange maze of civil litigation. He can convey complex legal principles to clients by cutting out all the lawyerish talk and speaking to you like a human.

Famed in the office for his protein bars and annoyingly healthy adherence to good diet and smart choices, Cody is the colleague everyone wishes they had. Probably more importantly to the audience reading this, clients rave about the care and attention Cody brings to everything he works on. He’s one of the rare breeds in South Florida, as he’s been a Floridian since before grade school. This superpower allows him to connect on every level with our judges, jurors and clients.

In addition to his participation in a law journal, Cody has clerked for Circuit Court judges in Broward County, both in the Civil and Criminal-Felony Divisions. Cody also interned with the State Attorney’s Office in Broward County. These experiences provided Cody with a critical foundation to his legal career as well as behind-the-scenes knowledge of the judicial system. Clients can rest comfortably knowing Cody is able to efficiently litigate a case from start to finish.

But that’s just half the story. In his other guise, Cody can cook and mix a mean cocktail. His abilities, interests and easy charm pretty much make him the perfect example of balance as we like to think it should be.