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Insurance Coverage

Black Law P.A. Insurance Coverage

Black Law P.A.’s lawyers have an excellent  understanding the complex nature of an insurance policy’s coverages and exclusions. We provide representation on behalf of policyholders in all insurance coverage disputes from business income claims to complex commercial or residential property losses or any other time of insurance coverage dispute. Black Law P.A. is well versed in losses resulting from wrongful or negligent acts committed by officers or directors of a company and when an insurance company is required to provide a defense.

Our attorneys are skilled at interpreting policy provisions and can protect their client’s rights to coverage. A large part of our practice involves consulting with insureds prior to instituting litigation with regard to their compliance with an insurance policy’s post-loss obligations. Our insurance attorneys provide the highest level of service to their clients and distinguish themselves by our extensive experience in litigating complex insurance coverage issues, including class actions, in state and federal courts. The team includes former defense attorneys who have many years of experience defending insurance companies, and who allow our clients to benefit from our unique knowledge. 

Our attorneys are on the forefront of the continuously changing insurance industry and have represented the interests of policyholder’s by educating the courts, insurance companies and agents regarding the impacts of legislative and judicial decisions and are familiar with the evolving insurance markets and the statutory regulations governing the conduct of insurance companies.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage FAQ

Q1: What should my first steps be if my insurance claim is denied?

A1: Review the denial letter for reasons, ensure your policy covers the claim, and gather all necessary documentation. Then, consult with an insurance coverage attorney to evaluate if the denial can be challenged.

Q2: How can I understand the scope of my business insurance coverage to avoid disputes?

A2: Have a specialized insurance coverage attorney review your policies to clarify coverage limits, exclusions, and conditions, and advise on any additional coverage that may be needed for your business operations.

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