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Real Estate Litigation

Black Law P.A. Real Estate Litigation

Real estate plays a vital role in Florida’s economy, and Black Law P.A. strongly believes that a focused approach is essential when disputes over the ownership, use, leveraging and value of land arise. Our attorneys’ depth of experience, knowledge and creativity puts us in the forefront of developing unique and innovative solutions to real estate related disputes.

Black Law P.A.’s attorneys are comprised of litigators who understand the nuances and uniqueness of real estate issues. Our experience is deployed seamlessly into each engagement which allows us to formulate and rapidly execute on a comprehensive, pragmatic and results-driven pathway to resolution.

Real estate transactions are a part of every market segment in Florida, and despite best efforts, disputes arise. Often, it is during critical junctures when disputes and delays are the most impactful. We understand the economics of delay, and our range of experience and knowledge enables us to rapidly intervene with a focus on solutions rather than a time consuming and costly process.

We have successfully represented clients in a wide range of asset classes such as:

  • condominiums
  • commercial, office and retail spaces
  • healthcare facilities
  • marinas
  • hospitality
  • shopping centers and malls

Our clients have called on us for representation involving:

  • foreclosures of securitized and traditional mortgages
  • real estate-related contracts
  • tort, fraudulent conveyance and lender liability claims
  • construction disputes
  • title insurance claims
  • boundary line and ownership disputes
  • partitions, zoning and land use disputes
  • construction defect and failed development claims
  • administrative claims and enforcement actions
  • landlord and tenant disputes
  • state and federal land disputes

We offer coverage for clients in virtually every forum including state, federal and international courts, arbitrations, mediations, administrative hearings and agency panels, planning commissions, and development review boards.

Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation FAQ

Q1: What can I do if I’m involved in a real estate transaction and the other party breaches the contract?

A1: Review the contract terms to understand your rights, document the breach, and consult a real estate litigation attorney to discuss potential remedies, which could include compensation or specific performance.

Q2: How do I handle a dispute over property boundaries?

A2: Start with a survey to establish legal boundaries, attempt to resolve the issue amicably, and if necessary, a real estate litigation attorney can help you litigate the dispute or negotiate a settlement.

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