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Black Law P.A. Banking And Credit Union

Black Law P.A. represents lenders, credit unions and financial services companies in connection with commercial litigation and the defense of consumer and regulatory claims in state and federal courts. The Firm handles matters related to consumer and mortgage lending, lender liability, breach of contract, deceptive trade practices and state and federal statutory claims. 

The Firm also represents creditors of failed businesses in connection with the recovery of monies that are the subject of fraudulent transfers and Ponzi schemes. In doing so, we work hand in hand with authorities in connection with crisis response as well as pre-litigation planning and the development of unified strategies to respond to claims that often follow regulatory scrutiny. 

Black Law P.A. believes that its clients are its partners, and we take a responsive and transparent approach to its engagements. We recognize the burden and expense that complex financial services litigation presents, and we actively evaluate both the attendant risks as well as possibilities for resolution. We know that litigation is often unavoidable, and our team approaches every representation seeking to achieve the optimum result. The volatile economy presents challenges to our clients. Our team members deliver creative and effective business solutions and counsel to our clients. 


Banking and Credit Union Law FAQ

Q1: What do I need to do to ensure my bank is in compliance with recent changes in banking regulations?

A1: Stay updated with regulatory changes by consulting legal bulletins, attending industry seminars, and undergoing periodic compliance audits with the assistance of a legal expert who specializes in banking law.

Q2: What protections do banks have against loan defaults during economic downturns?

A2: Banks can protect themselves by securing collateral, restructuring loans, seeking personal guarantees, and implementing rigorous risk assessments. A lawyer can advise on crafting policies that mitigate the impact of loan defaults.

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