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Products Liability and Warranty Claims

Black Law P.A. Products Liability and Warranty Claims

Black Law experience in product liability ranges from single plaintiff lawsuits to regional and mass torts and class actions.  Having worked through jurisdictions throughout the United States, we blend proficiency in technical subjects with trial experience to achieve our client’s goals. 

Our products liability lawyers have represented Global 500 manufacturers and distributors in litigation involving serious personal injuries and wrongful death, economic loss, and defect and warranty claims. 

For over a decade, we’ve defended manufacturers in product liability matters by striving to master technically complex issues and them boiling them down for our juror consumption.  We have assisted dealerships and distributors with warranty and negligent repair claims.  Our clients know that as soon as an incident occurs to call us to ensure that the product is maintained for inspections and other pre-suit necessities.

Products Liability and Warranty Claims

Products Liability and Warranty Claims FAQ

Q1: How can my business effectively manage the risk of product liability claims?

A1: Ensure rigorous product testing, maintain quality control, clearly communicate risks through warnings and instructions, and consult a lawyer to create strong warranty disclaimers and limit potential liability.

Q2: What are my company’s obligations under a product warranty claim?

A2: Your company’s obligations will depend on the terms of the warranty. Generally, you may need to repair, replace, or refund defective products. A lawyer can help you understand your obligations and any applicable consumer protection laws.

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