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Law, less ordinary

Kelsey Black Law Firm

Who are we?

Lawyers and legal professionals who thrive on delivering better results than anyone thought possible. We are not scared to try cases. We want just results for our clients.

We are Fort Lauderdale lawyers dedicated to producing the best results for our clients. With a focus on business law, years of experience in and out of the courtroom, and a dedication to our clients’ success, we fiercely represent our clients in and out of the courtroom. Who are we? We are the people you want in your corner.


At Black Law, P.A., our Fort Lauderdale based lawyers focus on business law for small and medium-size businesses. That focus gives us the ability to provide robust representation in commercial disputes, insurance cases, and injury defense, as well as navigate the complex maze of civil litigation. If you want to actually work with your attorney instead of being passed off to a junior attorney or paralegal, then you need us. We are small by choice so we actually get to know our clients.

Small and mid-sized businesses who have legal issues to resolve and see that our blend of strategy, efficiency, and passion produces the best possible outcome.

Our Goals

Our goal is to not only understand your case, but to understand you and your business as well. We are dedicated to customer service. We answer calls far beyond business hours, and the lights are often on in our office well into the night. Our goals are simple. We will provide the best representation for you. Our lawyers in Fort Lauderdale will keep you up to date on your case with clear, ongoing communication.

We listen to our clients and ask questions. We want to know your goals. We immerse ourselves in your case as if it were our own. And like you, we like to win.

Attorney At Law

Our Practice Areas

When it comes to business law in the Fort Lauderdale area, we are litigation experts in many areas. We work with new businesses on start-up planning and implementing the proper corporate structure. We are also there for you when it comes to contracts, employee agreements, benefit plans, construction and surety issues, and all manner of business negotiations. We have deep experience in the online business world including working with Amazon resellers and those working with grey market or diversion goods.

What We’re Thinking

We stay current. We publish. We present. We sit on committees and boards. We advocate for change.

We don’t want to be a big, mass-document-producing law firm using the same cookie-cutter strategies without getting to really know our clients. We want to become a trusted partner. We want to make things better and to advocate for needed change. We want to passionately represent our clients.

Legal Representation


We fight for you. We have a streamlined approach to solving your problems. We’ve designed processes to work more efficiently, conduct deeper analysis and clarify your decisions to yield better results.

Whether it’s a simple contract matter or the entire business rests on the outcome, we won’t stop until we have made every attempt to get you and your business the best resolution. We volunteer at local schools and we are members of local organizations. We help. We deliver results. We deliver change.

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