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Grey or Secondary Market Litigation

Grey or Secondary Market Litigation

Black Law P.A’s lawyers have ample experience in supporting clients in the secondary or grey market.  Amazon or Ebay resellers, wholesalers, and other resellers have been clients of Black Law P.A. for years.  Our attorneys are adept at handling litigation relating to this market as it relates to the distribution of goods through various channels available in the U.S. and international marketplace.  These cases involve complex legal issues such as international trade laws, intellectual property rights, distribution agreements, and consumer protection laws.  Black Law P.A. prides itself in protecting resellers against brands for legal trade in their goods. 

These cases often involved trade market and copyright infringement claims, and parallel importation laws.  We work with our clients to defend and/or enforce enforcement actions, customs issues, contractual remedies, regulatory compliance, and litigation defenses. 


Grey or Secondary Market Litigation FAQ

Q1: What is grey or secondary market litigation, and why might a company or investor become involved in such disputes?
A1: Grey or secondary market litigation involves legal actions related to the trading of securities on secondary markets, such as over-the-counter markets or alternative trading systems. Companies or investors may become involved in disputes concerning issues like market manipulation, insider trading, or securities fraud.
Q2: How can a company or investor protect themselves from potential legal challenges in the grey market?
A2: Companies and investors can protect themselves by conducting thorough due diligence before engaging in secondary market transactions, monitoring market activities for signs of irregularities, and seeking legal advice to ensure compliance with securities regulations and mitigate legal risks.
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