When individuals and businesses need the best grey market and diversion attorney, the Fort Lauderdale area trusts Black Law P.A. to get results! Grey market goods refer to product that is legally manufacturer for sale in one region but sold in another region for excess profit. In addition, it occurs when manufacturers intend to distribute their products to limited markets.  For instance, manufacturers of perfume or cosmetics who intend that their products are only for salon use or sale fit in this category.  Product diversion occurs when their product ends up on the open market like Amazon, Costco, Target, etc., and not the salons they intended. Black Law P.A.’s lawyers in the Fort Lauderdale, FL., area specialize in grey market and diversion issues. We help distributors enforce their rights as it relates to diversion, whether it’s a geographical or limited market scenario.  We also help companies accused of diverting products, when they received the product by lawful means through the first-sale doctrine. We’ve assisted clients in navigating this area of law in wholesale grocery distribution, cosmetics, perfume,  pharmaceuticals, and products on international and domestic levels in federal and state courts. Kelsey Black is our leading grey market and diversion attorney in the Fort Lauderdale area. Give her a call to learn more about how Black Law P.A. can help you!