Business litigation can be complicated and time-consuming. With a business to run and jobs at stake, most companies need more than just a basic response to disputes involving contracts, shareholders, employees, and customers. At Black Law, P.A., our attorneys have many years of experience and training. We focus on your company’s legal and litigation needs, so you can focus on running your business.

A contract is an agreement between two parties that spells out what each party is entitled to and what each party must provide. You might think that such agreement would be enough to ensure your business is protected. Unfortunately, contract disputes are a major part of any business litigation practice. The key in many of these disputes is ensuring that your argument is framed in a way that a judge can understand and evaluate it. We study your case in detail and make sure your company has every advantage.

Another big part of business law is labor law. Labor law includes federal laws and laws that vary from state to state. As Fort Lauderdale labor and employment attorneys, we know Florida labor law inside and out. As your trusted adviser, we will not only respond to labor law lawsuits but also protect your business by ensuring your business policies and practices comply with all applicable labor laws.

Beyond labor law is employment law. While labor law typically covers compliance with laws like FMLA and unsafe working conditions, among other things, employment law covers the relationship between your business and employees. Here we can help ensure that your practices are legal and complied with by managers and other employees. Further, we can protect you from frivolous and unfounded claims often filed by employees angry at a current or former employer. No matter how just your actions may be, an attorney specializing in business litigation is crucial to ensuring that the courts will make the same determination.

Litigation arises in any number of business contexts. Our business litigation attorneys in Fort Lauderdale concentrate on bet-the-company matters, breach of contract, construction, labor and employment, breach of fiduciary duty, membership disputes, and stockholder derivative actions. We understand the unique and complex features of business matters and have substantial knowledge and experience to guide you through what could otherwise be a frustrating situation. We develop case goals immediately and frame the case the way that it will be easy for a judge and jury to understand, but also always keeping your end goal in mind.