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What Should You Do if Your Amazon Account Gets Suspended?

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Do you have an Amazon suspension that you need help fixing? Or, are you just curious about what to do if your Amazon account were to get suspended? Whatever it is, Black Law P.A. is here to help you and your customers out. If your Amazon account gets suspended , follow these four steps.

1. Determine exactly why your account got suspended

The first thing you should do when trying to put together an appeal for a suspended account is to find out exactly what it was that got your account suspended in the first place. Did it happen because of a high return rate on an item or IP violation? Did it happen because a customer complained an item was inauthentic? In most scenarios, a seller or customer complained to Amazon about some aspect of your store. You need to understand what triggered the complaint before you begin your appeal.  Check your performance notifications in your reseller account, along with your messages, feedback and all Amazon seller metrics. 

2. Take the correct steps to resolve the issues in the eyes of Amazon and the affected customers, if applicable.

Once you have identified what the problem was, the next step is to take the correct steps to resolve it. Did you remove the products from your store that were complained about?  Did you reach out to issue refunds or apologize to unhappy customers? Did you implement a new policy to avoid future issues? Did you contact the seller making the complaint and ask them to issue a retraction?  

3. Create and implement new systems to make sure the issue does not happen again.

To be able to craft a successful appeal, you must create and implement a system or process to ensure that the issue does not happen again. Show Amazon that you have learned from your mistake.  You want to have written protocol for your company that removes product from your store once it is complained about and you investigate the complaint before re-listing the product.  If the complaint is authenticity based, you always requiring sourcing documentation from your suppliers.  If the complaint is customer-based, you have a plan in place that requires you to refund customers. 

4. Follow guidelines to send an appeal to Amazon and make sure that you take responsibility for the situation and show your commitment to not let the same problem happen again.

Once you have addressed the first three steps, you are ready to appeal. In your appeal, Amazon will be looking for three things: the root cause, what actions you have taken to resolve the conflict, and what you are doing to ensure that the same problem will not happen again in the future. To learn more about the guidelines and what to all incorporate into your appeal click here.

Amazon expects accountability, so this should be the central theme of your appeal.  Take responsibility for the problem, show that you are taking steps to fix the problem, and show that you are doing what you can to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Selling on an e-commerce platform can create many challenges. Accounts get suspended without notice sometimes and with the sole method of recourse in the hands of the same company that caused the suspension. Black Law P.A. has experience with sellers getting their accounts and listings back. We assist with a plan of action, cease and desist letters to brands who overstepped, and other-related service, including legal actions for defamation against brands who intentionally misreport counterfeit or other infringement-related allegations.

For more information or to get your questions answered contact us at 954-320-6220 or visit our website.

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